J Long

In early 2014, the “B__ Masonry” company skim-coated my chimney to stop water leaking into our attic. They overcharged, and left a mess that completely peeled off 16 months later. I contacted them to come back – NO RESPONSE. At the time, they quoted THOUSANDS to fix some bluestone & brick stairs. Didn’t fall for that! I asked Fabio, who did my irrigation system if he knew someone – and he said “A Stone Flake”. He called them for me – they came, Sergio and his partner – the nicest guys, clearly experienced. They listened, answered my questions – and fixed my stairs at a fraction of the other quote, and they look BEAUTIFUL. Good for another 15 years! They then re-stuccoed my chimney the RIGHT WAY – they seal-coated it, and painted my flashing so it looks fabulous. I told Sergio recently that from now on, they are the ONLY ones I’ll call for masonry work. I highly recommend them – you won’t be $$ shocked, or disappointed!


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