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Masonry Veener walls are made of a single non-structural layer of masonry work, usually brick, backed by a an open air space. the the center element is usually a
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Retaining walls are structures designed to keep the soil at unnatural slopes. They can be used to keep the ground level for farming, or at steep angles to build
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Been outside with nature is our passion, we love work with plants and nature, we use the most qualified staff to get all the necessary care your landscape needs
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Barbara H

Recently, I had A Stoneflake put in a new walkway, repair my brick steps, add new shrubs, loam, much and river rock. This company is very dependable, they stay
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J Long

In early 2014, the “B__ Masonry” company skim-coated my chimney to stop water leaking into our attic. They overcharged, and left a mess that completely peeled off 16 months
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Bruce Silva

A Stone Flake has been a pleasure to work with and does an impeccable job. This is the kind of company where the owners still work (instead of “supervise”)
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Hardscape services

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Landscape services

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A Stone Flake was founded to meet the increasing demand of stonework and hardscape projects.  Our company has a motivated and dedicated team that loves imagining, designing and creating with hardscape materials and natural stone.  We build
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